Welcome to the Pukekohe Intermediate-Hara Mura Webpage

In 1998, Haramura first visited Pukekohe Intermediate School. Pukekohe was chosen by the Japanese Embassy as a New Zealand town similar to Haramura in the way of market gardens, vegetable and flower growing. Haramura is famous for its tomatoes and celery (both very sweet and delicious) and Pukekohe is well known for its onions and potatoes.

A friendly town relationship agreement was established between Hara-mura, Nagano Prefecture, and Pukekohe, Franklin District, on 27th July 2002. Since then Haramura Junior High has visited Pukekohe Intermediate every year in March. Pukekohe Intermediate has visited Haramura every second year.
In November 2007 a group of adults from Haramura visited Pukekohe and were homestayed. They were shown around the Franklin district and got to experience Kiwi life.
The relationship between the two towns has grown over the years and continues to get stronger. We hope the relationship continues for many many years.

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