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BYOD means that your child has the option to bring their own personal electronic device to school to be used in an educational context.


As a school we have classified appropriate devices for BYOD to include iPads, Android tablets and laptops. It does not include smart phones or cell phones. The device your child brings must be Internet capable and have a writing app (such as the Notes function on an iPod or the equivalent for Android).

There are many benefits of using a personal device as a learning tool. First, your child has instant access to the Internet and typing applications meaning there is no wasted time waiting for their turn on class-shared devices. Students can also be more comfortable and knowledgeable when using their own device, meaning that less time is spent learning how to use the device, and they can get on with set tasks. It also gives students an opportunity to access their learning and learning resources in out of school hours, which will give them the ability to consolidate more of their learning by practicing at home


Choosing the right device for you/your child can be tricky so below we outline our recommended device requirements. 


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