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The Board of Pukekohe Intermediate School

Stacey Davis - Presiding Member

Dave Cockerton

Ken Hiku

Suzanne Konelio

Hepi Lopeti

Noha Salama

Laiha Holliday - Staff Representative

Rebekah Pearson - Principal


Public Attending Board Meetings Procedure

We welcome public presence at our meetings and hope that you enjoy your time observing our board meeting.


In order that you understand the rules that apply to members of the public attending our meetings, please read the following: 


  1. Board meetings are not public meetings but meetings held in public.

  2. If the meeting moves to exclude the public (usually this is to protect the privacy of individuals) then you will be asked to leave the meeting until this aspect of business has been concluded.

  3. Members of the public may request speaking rights on a particular subject that is on the agenda. If you have been granted speaking rights in advance, you will be notified. Public participation is at the discretion of the board.

  4. Speakers shall be restricted to a maximum of three minutes each per subject, with a time limit of fifteen minutes per interest group.

  5. No more than three speakers on any one topic.

  6. Speakers are not to question the board and must speak to the topic.

  7. Board members will not address questions or statements to speakers.

  8. Speakers shall not be disrespectful, offensive, or make malicious statements or claims.

  9. If the presiding member believes that any of these have occurred or the speaker has gone over time, they will be asked to finish.


Please note: Members of the public include staff and parents of the school who are not members on the board.

A copy of this information will be supplied to you when you attend a meeting.

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