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Does my child have to bring a device?
No. Your child does not have to bring a device if you or your child do not want to. Your child will still have access to all our class devices so they will not be at any disadvantage if they do not bring a device.

What is considered to be a personal device?
For the purpose of BYOD at our school “device” means a privately owned wireless portable piece of equipment which includes laptops, netbooks, tablet computers, iPads and iPods. This does not include smart phones at this stage.

How will their device be kept safe?
Their devices will be brought straight to class in the morning and put into a locked cupboard. They will remain there until needed and be locked up again during morning tea and lunch. To keep the devices safe from other students using them during class students can place a passcode lock on their device.

Do I have to buy new apps?
No. We will only be using apps that are free from the Apple Store or Google Play store. However, if you do wish to purchase any apps we are happy to give recommendations. Any downloading or updates for apps and software does need to be done at home.

Will there be internet access?
Yes. Your child will be able to access the internet using our school network. We do not allow students to use their own 3G network should their device have this capability.

Can students charge their devices at school?
Personal devices should be charged prior to bringing them to school and should be capable of running off their own battery while at school.

What happens if a student is not using a device appropriately?
The school rules and the digital citizenship guidelines will be followed. A copy of this has been included for you to read through. The school reserves the right to inspect the student’s personal device if there is reason to believe that the student has violated the school rules or digital citizenship guidelines.

What happens if someone mistakes a device as their own?
On the permission slip we ask that you note down the serial number of the device your child owns. This is something that can not be changed or removed and is unique to the device. This will help us identify devices (see wiki page for instructions). Other ways to make identification easier are by selecting unique cases or by putting a name label on the device.

What happens if a device is missing/damaged?
The school can not be held responsible for the loss of or damage to any devices. The device should be covered by the owner’s insurance.

Are there any other risks?
Yes. Because we are a Mac/Apple based school viruses are less likely to be introduced. However, non-Apple devices may contain viruses that could be spread across the network. Please ensure your device has virus protection.

What if I have other questions/concerns?
If you would like more information or have any questions feel free to contact our Principal Rebekah Pearson at 

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