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Dear Parents and Caregivers


Pukekohe Intermediate School update information , Wednesday 25 March


We will post information at various times over the next month. One example of this will be Science Fair information and Mrs Fryer will be letting students know specific times she can be contacted by students with questions around their Science Fair entries.


Very useful websites -


The past two days we have been open for the children of Level 4 essential workers. A small group of teachers has been working with these students.  We have also had around 75 parents into school picking up paper homework packs.


All classroom teachers are providing homework online and this has started. If you find something is not working for your child with this, please contact the classroom teacher by email or failing that, contact Rebekah Pearson, Deputy Prinicipal

Probably your child has told you about Stymie. Information about Stymie came home early in term 1. Students can notify the school about anything that is troubling them or they can talk about anyone else in the school if they spot some bullying or other behaviour that is of concern.  Stymie is still operating during this time of school closure and Ms Garrett and Mrs Fryer are the two Deputy Principals who are working in this space.


The actual dates ahead are:-


Up to 27 March – to be treated as school days.


30 March to April 14 – to be treated as school holidays end of term 1 and public holidays.


April 15 – onwards – to be treated as school days, weekends and public holidays but Alert Level 4 needs to expire or be lifted before schools actually re-open.


Go well and stay in your “bubble


Gary Sweeney


Welcome to

Pukekohe Intermediate School

Pukekohe Intermediate provides your child and your family the option to step into a school environment that acts as a bridge between primary and secondary.  We continue home room classrooms for all students and add to this programmes and opportunities across a number of other classrooms with specialist teachers.  We strive to meet the learning needs and styles of all students.

28 March 2020

Key COVID-19 information in multiple languages

The Office of Ethnic Communities (OEC) has put together some short videos in a number of languages (currently Arabic, Cantonese, French, Hindi, Mandarin, Persian/Farsi, Spanish and Urdu) so that those in our ethnic communities whose English isn’t strong are able to access key COVID19 information in their own language.  Please forward this link to your relevant community members if you can -

27 March 2020

Update for Parents & Whānau

Click on the button below for information from the MoE around a daily schedule and links to useful sites

For our Pasifika Community

The Ministry for Pacific Peoples’ has been working to ensure useful information is available to Pacific peoples.

TUNE into TVNZ TV1 today, at 4.30pm

During these difficult and uncertain times, the Ministry for Pacific Peoples’ (MPP) priority is to keep Pacific communities in New Zealand safe, aware, educated and informed.

With support from our friends at SunPix (Tagata Pasifika), Director of Bright Sunday Stella Muller and others, we have been able to produce important key COVID-19 messages for our Pacific peoples in their Pacific languages which will be shown on TVNZ TV1, TODAY at 4.30pm.

Pacific clinicians will be sharing the Government’s key messages with the Pacific communities, in nine Pacific languages – Samoan, Tongan, Cook Islands Maori, Fijian, Niuean, Tokelau, Tuvalu, Kiribati and Rotuman.

A one-hour special will be aired on Tagata Pasifika’s segment on Saturday at 9am; and on Sunday at 7.35am, Tagata Pasifika will share messages from community leaders. 


The Ministry is asking you to reach out to all your family members, community groups, friends and group chats to ensure our Pacific community groups are watching the programming on both days.

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