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Pukekohe Intermediate provides your child and your family the option to step into a school environment that acts as a bridge between primary and secondary.  We continue home room classrooms for all students and add to this programmes and opportunities across a number of other classrooms with specialist teachers.  We strive to meet the learning needs and styles of all students.

Wishing everyone a safe & happy holiday break

See you on Monday 20 July for Term 3

2020 Speech Finals Results

Year 7

Catie Bertram                      Sugar is addictive

Brooke Watts                       Don’t choose to abuse

Holly Sousa                         Why it is important to be yourself

Talia Chaney                        Laziness is a true art

Daniel Chamberlain             Slow down or you’ll get overwhelmed

Kate Sheppard                     Being you

Imogen Lamond                  Why everyone should cook

Matthew Baker                     Ad Blue

Honey Schaumkel                Why students should have a say in what they learn

Katie Chamberlain               Why we need to live life to the fullest

Georgia Cole                       Why you shouldn’t be friends with the popular kids

Ariana Greig                        Te Reo Māori should be compulsory in schools


Year 8

Maia Hayton                       What makes somebody famous

Sophie Fayers                      Our children’s generation

Hannah Watson                   Competitiveness is important

Holly Brown                         Body positivity

Daniel Farrell                       Why agriculture and horticulture should be prioritised in NZ

Summer Higgott                  Why are we still using animal products in cosmetics?

Emma Thorne                      Bullying is not OK

Jake Austen                         Shark finning

Fern Taiapa                          Why it’s good to be tall

Nate Croft                            We all do it

Alexa Burger                        Everyone should think positively

Year 7:  1st Talia Chaney; 2nd Ariana Greig; 3rd Holly Sousa

Year 8:  1st Jake Austen; 2nd Sophie Fayers; 3rd Hannah Watson

2020 Science Fair Results

Science Fair entries were judged by Pukekohe High School Science faculty staff and they were impressed by the standard of finalists, especially considering the lockdown. Well done to all entries, and congratulations to the following winners:

Physical World / Material World / Living World

Year 8

1st   Eli Johnson Room 30 - The Browning Effect

2nd  Xanthe Hedley Room 1 - Radiation Waves

3rd   Kian Tapper Room 1 - Which Poo Will do?


Highly Commended 

Eden Weck Room 1 - Get your Heart Pumpin'

George Williams Room 1 - Breaking Point 

Nathaniel Short Room 33 - Velocity 

Jackson Downie Room 12 - What ice melts Fastest?

Year 7

1st   Reece Burr Room 5 - Is there trouble Brewing

2nd   Oliver McKay Room 31 - Voltage Vs Temperature

3rd   Kaeden McGillivray Room 5 - Dirty Cars 


Highly Commended

Luca Morrison Room 5 - Practice Practice Practice 

Rhian Schlaepfer Room 5 - Optical illusion

Sarina Reymer Room 37 - Left Eve Vs Right Eye

Olivia Wheeler Room 19 - Speeding through the water

Danielle Wishnowsky Room 22 - Toilet Paper

Technological Device

Year 8

1st   Quinn Dowdall Room 1 - Possum Trapping

2nd   Andre O'Callaghan Room 1 - Smarter Driving

3rd  Antonia Fogarty Room 1 - Bye Bye Birdy


Highly Commended

Zane Craddock Room 18 - Broom Improvement

Noah Birchall Room 43 - Colour Detector

Oliver Telfer Room 1 - Fence Take

Connor Sheppard  Room 21 - There’s a mouse in the house

Year 7

1st   Emily Hunter Room 31 - Emilee’s Prototype Cat Feeder

2nd   Tyson Forbes Room 11 - Water Level Indicator

3rd   Luka Eshuis Room 42 - Panel Power

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